Flexible Marketing Packages

For Home Improvement Business Owners

Sales and Marketing Help for Home Improvement Businesses.

Use your time for your business and leave the marketing to us with a flexible marketing package.

How much time do you spend mucking about with social media, thinking about what to post, deciding what to write? How often does it not get done because you don’t know what works and you’ve got other ‘more important’ things to do.

Marketing is an investment which should always bring a return but it’s knowing what to focus on for the best results. One thing we do know is that consistency is important. Building the ‘know, like and trust’ through that consistency, both in image and frequency.

Use the form below to choose your own flexible marketing package. We will audit your current digital presence free of charge before we start. We don’t just post randomly. We think carefully about your business and the questions your customers are asking. Included in the price is the time it takes to plan a strategy for you, keep track of your posts and the systems we use to design and manage your marketing.

When you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation by email.  We will then call you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements. There is no minimum order and no commitment. Cancel 3 days before your next monthly payment to ensure that the payment is not taken.

This flexible marketing package is intended for your convenience but if it doesn’t fit your requirements, book a call and we can decide on a strategy together.

The prices are based on once a week for 4 weeks except for the article which should be done at least once a month to keep your site moving.

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