Free Local SEO Report for Home Improvement Businesses.

SEO is not as complex as it looks. If you’re serious about your business then you need to get serious about your website.

The first step is to understand what is working and what needs to be improved.

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The Local SEO Advent Calendar.

24 days of action to build your local presence.

Join us for the 24 days of Christmas to get your Google My Business Profile attracting more Free Leads. Start with Your Free Audit. If you’re not here at day 1 feel free to jump in at any time.

If you understand what the Free SEO report is, jump in and analyse how effective your presence on the internet is. For further information, jump to this section.

This is completely free and without any catch. Our customers are those who don’t have time to do their own marketing. We give information freely to those who do.

Day 1

Free SEO Report Day 1
5 Star Reviews


A complete overview of your Local SEO Performance including search rankings, listings consistency, On-site SEO and Social Media.

We will also conduct a manual audit and make recommendations. Your report will be with you by email within 24 hours.

Your Local SEO report is free and without obligation.

Please use same details listed on your Google My Business Profile

Day 2

Keyword Research Day 2


As our day 2 gift to you, we will research the top 10 keywords that you should be targeting to generate more traffic to your website. This is specific to your business and is done through analysis of your industry and competitors.

If you’re following along for the 24 days up to Xmas, you’ll learn how to optimise for these keywords.

Completely free and without obligation.

Day 3

Day 3 Advent present free seo

Use GMB Spy to Choose the Right Google My Business Categories.

Whether you are setting up a new Google My Business listing or improving an existing one, the first and most important task is to choose the correct categories. You can (and should) use as many categories as you want but you must make sure they are relevant. Google may penalise you for choosing categories where there is no substance on your website to back it up.

When a Google My Business listing shows up in maps, it will show the category relevant for the search term. You cannot see all the categories that a business is using on their listing.

The easy and free way to find out what categories anyone is using is to install a Chrome Extension called GMB Spy.

Day 4

Day 4 Free SEO Instant Quote Button

Google My Business is Rolling Out a New Feature.

Google is automatically adding a large “Request a Quote” button to eligible business listings in search results. Right now, it is limited to certain categories. Certainly ‘garage door suppliers’ has it, as shown in the image.

The button also appears in mobile search results when the business name is searched for.

You will need to install the app and make sure messaging is turned on. The button will then appear automatically on your listing. If you haven’t installed the app yet, you are missing out. The app makes it very easy for you to manage your listing, communicate with customers and respond to reviews. You can find out more about the app here or install it from the app store on your phone

If you look for this on listings, make sure that you are logged into Google or it will not show.

Day 5

10 reasons why your website must be optimised for local search

10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to be Optimised for Local Search.

In this post COVID world, SEO has to be considered essential to business in the same way that accountancy is. You can optimise your website yourself if you have the time and ability or sub it out. One thing is for sure, if you want to compete in today’s market, you have to be seen when potential customers are looking.

Almost all customers now start their buying journey with an internet search nowadays. 

According to research by Moz, the first page of Google captures 71% of clicks.

Older couple conducting localised search on lap top

It’s difficult for small businesses to compete for national rankings although you ought to be able to appear on page 1 when searchers add the town name to their search query. In general, national rankings will not be useful for local businesses because you only want to service customers within a certain distance of your business.

The way to get on page one for your target audience is to appear in the map pack.

Here’s a quick list of the 10 reasons why your website needs to be optimised for local search. You can read the full article here.

If your site hasn’t been built with SEO in mind, there is still a lot you can do to improve traffic to your site. Keep following because Santa will be bringing you a lot more advice.

1. Your Competitors Are Using SEO.

2. Localised Search is the First Instinct When Customers are Ready to Buy.

3. The Rules of SEO and Best Practices are Always Changing.

4. Understanding SEO Gives You a Better Insight to Your Business..

5. SEO for Localised Search Represents the Best Value for Money in Marketing..

6. Once You've Optimised Your Website for Localised Search, it's the Gift that Keeps on Giving.

7. Results of Your SEO Efforts are Measurable.

8. Using Optimisation as a Framework Improves Your Paid Ad Performance.

9. Localised search results have a better click through rate from potential customers who live in your area.

10. Appearing at the Top of Google Gives You Instant Authority with Your Customer.

Day 6

Day 5 Free SEO Search Intent

Effective Keyword Planning Starts with Understanding Search Intent.

The term ‘search intent’ simply refers to what the person typing the search term in Google wants to achieve. In other words, ‘why are they searching’?

Do they just want information?

Are they ready to buy?

Smaller businesses ideally want to attract customers when they are ready to buy. Google tries to understand search intent and when it believes the searcher is ready to buy, it will serve up the map pack.

You can read the complete article here.

Don’t forget to come back for Day 7 tomorrow. If you haven’t requested your free Local SEO Audit yet or top ten keywords, it’s not too late.


What is in the Free SEO report?

Links and Website Authority.

How does your website stack up in the industry? This looks at the age of website, number of pages, inbound and outbound links, and the flow of links.

Rank Checker for your Google My Business main category. 

You really want to be in the top three for this in your area so that you appear in the map pack.

Business Listings.

Is your information consistent through the business listings such as Yell and Cyclex? Consistent listings help you to rank higher.

Free SEO Report


As this is a free basic report, this will only show you Google reviews. Reviews also show Google that you are worth ranking higher.

Also shows the last 10 reviews on Google.

Google My Business Ranking.

How do you rank against your competitors for your main category? Why are businesses ranking above you? You can look at what they are doing so that you can legitimately steal their traffic.

On-Site SEO.

This section analyses your website for SEO optimisation. You can use this to optimise your website or just to send to your web-developer to ask for a solution.

Mobile Friendliness.

Google now has a mobile-first policy. This checks that your site is fast enough and is easy to use on mobile.

Individual Page Analyser.

This will tell you what needs improving on your top pages.

What can you do with this Free SEO report?

Google has approximately 200 factors that it considers when deciding whether to serve up your website when someone makes an enquiry.

In a split second, Google ‘spiders’ crawl your website to decide whether you have the answer and if you are good enough, compared to other websites.

You can control all of this if you have access to your website or have a web developer to do that for you. If not, then you can focus on the elements that you can manage.

SEO and Google My Business is the single biggest marketing asset that a small local business has. Whatever you can do to improve those factors will help.

How can we help?

Your Free SEO report is as it says – it is completely free. If you want free tips, stay on the email list and we’ll send weekly emails with suggestions.

If you want help with it, we have a unique, affordable system, designed specifically for local home improvement businesses that can help.

Explore our Affordable SEO Packages for Local Home Improvement Businesses.

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