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01 What’s the difference between local SEO and normal SEO?

SEO means Search Optimisation whether it’s applied to local or national searches. While traditional SEO focuses on improving your site’s visibility on a national or global scale, local SEO allows you to capture local search territory to connect with searchers in your area. SEO and local SEO use many of the same strategies but local SEO focuses on targeting keywords that work to get you on the front page locally. 

02 I don’t use my Google My Business listing because it has a bad review on it. Should I start again?

We would need to look at it to see what ranking value it has. In general, we would say no. There are ways to deal with poor reviews and we recommend mitigating the damage rather than trying to conceal it.

03  We would like help just on a one-off basis. Would I be tied to a contract?

​No, we do not use contracts.  Please let us know what issue you would like help with and we will provide a price for that without obligation.

04 What are your payment terms?

We only work in one way and that is to put you on a monthly plan which is paid upfront each month. We have priced our services competitively and part of that is to use our resources on our SEO services, not on admin.

05  What about product training?

​We specialise in home improvement companies.  Our product knowledge is already vast and all that is required is an overview of how your company is different and the particular specialities of your service.

06  Do you share information between your clients?

​Absolutely not!  We would not last five minutes in this business if we did.  All information, spoken and written is entirely confidential.

07  How do I know what work you are doing when SEO takes a while to work?

It is true that national SEO can take a while to see the benefits. Local SEO tactics can have very quick results. You will see your business appearing in the map pack more often almost immediately. Everything we do is tracked with analytics and you will receive a weekly report.

08  Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No, we don’t is the simple answer. The reason for this is that we do a lot of work to onboard clients, that you will benefit from for a long time. We would never undo any work that we did so any optimisation that we do for you stays with you even if you only use our service for a month.

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