Promoting Fairness, Integrity and Professionalism in the Home Improvement Industry.

For the benefit of retailers and consumers.

 01  We would like help on a one off basis. Do I need a contract?

​No, we do not use contracts.  Please let us know what issue you would like help with and we will provide a price for that without obligation.

 02  Do you work from your own database?

​No. We work from your database which we expect to be clean or we can quote for cleaning it.  We can help with aquiring databases and setting up the system. Most of our work is on existing customers which are usually neglected in a small company.  Cold calling on the telephone is not a very effective means of marketing nowadays.

 03  What about product training?

​We specialise in home improvement companies.  Our product knowledge is already vast and all that is required is an overview of how your company is different and the particular specialities of your service.

 04  Do you share information between your clients?

​Absolutely not!  We would not last five minutes in this business if we did.  All information, spoken and written is entirely confidential.

 05  How much notice do you need?

​It depends on what is required.  Instore promotions need to be booked ahead of time and January is particularly busy for that.  Monday morning motivation talks are usually booked a couple of months ahead.  Ask us and we will try to accommodate.  We are a growing business and take on staff as and when we start making customers wait.

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