Resources for Online Consultation.

These are strange times for the Home Improvement Industry but we need to do everything we can to continue doing business. Online consultation will become part of your sales process.


Whatever happens during these difficult times, the landscape for the home improvement business will change.

Having the tools and skills to conduct a good online consultation will be essential.

This is a great time to learn new skills that will help you now while contact is restricted and serve you later when business returns to normal.

Strategies for continuing consultations without being face to face with your customer.

Most of your customers are quite handy with technology and are capable of using their phones to show you their homes so that you can offer them an online consultation without compromising customer service. You can easily create worksheets and forms for them to give you all of the measurements and information that you need.


Human connection is still important when making decisions so being able to connect on the internet through video will enable you to stand out from competitors who can’t.  It’s not the long term answer but may be useful in the interim when you can’ see customers. It also has a place in the future but shouldn’t be relied on for overall success.

 Zoom is free to use for 45 minutes and for 3 participants.  You can share your screen if you are designing with a cad system. Make sure you’re proficient at designing or presenting before trying your first online consultation. Your customer will not want to hang about while you sort out the technology.

How it works.

Speak to your customer regarding their needs and get all of the information you need for the online consultation then book the online appointment with them.

You will then go to Zoom to set the appointment and send them an appointment to join you. Have your cad system up and running and any samples ready to show. While your cad is running you will appear as a little video in the corner.  Have any online resources that you want to show them ready. Have a practice with a family member or friend.


Tommy Trinder have come up with a simple solution for selling windows and doors by online consultation. The cost of the software starts at £95 per month plus there may be additional costs for the calendar and webinar software.


If you’re not set up yet for online signing yet, this is worth doing. How often do you have to go back to your customers to get an order signed even when business is normal. Adobe Acrobat is useful anyway. It’s much easier to combine photos and documents in one file so that your customer can scroll through easily rather than open individual images. It opens on all devices. You can scan your order, any photos or cad drawings, plus your terms and conditions, combine and then send for signature. It costs £15 per month.

You can also use this for quotes and if you use an email system you can track whether the PDF is opened.

Docusign is a bit cheaper if you just want a temporary solution and they offer a 30 day free trial. 


Get more information on your website. Make it as easy as you can for your customers to find information and for you to direct them during the online consultation Give them colour and range information and instructions on how to measure so that you can quote accurately.

Give information about how you are handling the virus and how you can keep them safe during surveys and installation.


Video was already becoming more important even before the virus.  This is a great time to learn more. Udemy has a lot of courses that cost very little. Some of the things that you can learn include social media, marketing, photography. Visible Authority has a free course on Udemy at the moment. Find out more about how to present yourself on video and sign up free for The Video Production Masterclass.


We now have online consultation skills included in our training. to find out more visit the membership page.

Sign up free for Zoom.

You can use Zoom for meetings upto 45 minutes and 3 participants.

Tommy Trinder

Software designed for selling windows and doors online. Starts at £95 per month.

Sign up for Adobe Acrobat.

Use Adobe for creating quote or orders to sign online.

Sign up free for Docusign

Docusign is free for 30 days.

Adapt to survive. We can’t ignore what’s happening. We need to dig deep and evolve. Find new ways of doing business. 

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